We continue to raise funds

On April 27, we announced fundraising to purchase 200 ceramic armor plates and 100 plate carriers with the MOLLE system costing 65,475 €.

The amount seems enormous though currently, we have raised more than a half – 34,830 € (of which we made an advance payment equal to

26,700 €). The remaining 30,645 € are to be raised. You can join the support as you see fit – financially, telling about the fund’s work on social networks, or to your friends and relatives. The contribution of each person to our common cause is vital.
If you are convinced that it is not enough to share a post, or that your contribution is “minor”, remember – every ocean starts with one drop of water.

We are grateful to everyone and believe that by uniting we will be able to collect the necessary amount and bring what our defenders need. Glory to Ukraine!