We open fundraising for 3 pcs. of AGM NVG-50 NL1i night vision goggles

We announce fundraising to purchase in Europe night vision goggles that our military needs right now.

With them, our defenders will be able to detect the location and movement of the enemy in time, when this is not possible due to lack of lighting. Due to this, they will be able to confront the enemy more effectively.
We will purchase 3 pcs. of AGM NVG-50 NL1i night vision binoculars (goggles) for one of the military units.

Why the AGM NVG-50 NL1i model?
– Dual-channel night vision system.
– With a 51° field of view (FOV), it provides a large field of view without needing to move the binoculars.
– Operating from a single AA alkaline battery, it can run up to 20 hours.
– Equipped with an integral infrared illuminator for reading in the dark.
– Advanced multi-coated optics are used, and the compact composite housing is designed for long service life.

The total amount of the fundraising is EUR 15,266.

We thank each one of you for your support.
Together we will win! Glory to Ukraine!